"Let food be thy medicine and let thy medicine be thy food" ~ Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine (460-377 BC)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dr. Leo Rebello - Health and Wisdom

This is the Time for Change and Time for Healing of the world and all life she holds in her care. We must UNITE!

Dr. Leo Rebello is a Holistic Healer from India, who has been helping his patients get off medications for short and long-term health problems like heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, asthma, digestive ailments, osteo arthritis, MS and other debilitating diseases, and enjoy real health.

He believes in putting the responsibility of health back in the hands of the patient. His popular slogans being 'Health Care is Self Care', 'From AIDS Scare to AIDS Care'. By adopting simple dietary and lifestyle changes, doing Yoga, simple water cure, massage and acupressure, and by simple herbal, biochemic and homeopathic remedies, his patients have achieved astonishing results, often reversing illnesses.

His team of world renowned doctors consist of Dr. Water, Dr. Diet, Dr. Sleep, Dr. Exercise, Dr. Sunshine, Dr. Humour and Dr. Leo Rebello himself. If you follow their advice properly, you will live to be a healthy hundred without ills, pills and doctors bills. By attending his lectures understand how by applying nature's laws all illnesses can be prevented and cured. Nature's wisdom surpasses medicine madness.

Dr. Leo Rebello wants to become a Doctor to the Nation to remove cancers of corruption, casteism, communalism and criminalisation of politics in India, by contesting Presidential Elections due in 2012. In fact, Dr. Rebello is running for President of India in the upcoming election of 2012.

Support health and healing by promoting Dr. Leo throughout India and around the world.

Dr. Rebello has also released his new book "World Without Wars" which has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. The book will be made available here on this site soon.

Visit Dr. Rebello's site for more information and health reform suggestions:

Dr. Leo Rebello - Dec. 2012
World is a Family - The World United
Speech delivered by Dr. Leo Rebello, World Peace Ambassador, at the
1st World Parliament on Spirituality, in Hyderabad-India, on 19 December 2012.

BIO: Dr. Leo Rebello

Editor (Medical Veritas)(Bombay, India)
Leo Rebello, ND, PhD, DSc, FF Hom
Dr. Leo Rebello has served as Director of Natural Health
Centre, Bombay since 1978 and President of AIDS Alternativa
International since 1989. He has lectured in some 63 countries
worldwide, including at WHO, UNAIDS, UNESCO, UNDP,
Habitat, Medicina Alternativa conferences and is the only
Indian doctor to visit the Nobel Foundation and
recommend to the Medical Nobel Committee to give Nobel
Prize in Medicine also to Holistic Healers.
Dr. Rebello has been nominated for a Nobel award
five times.
Dr. Leo Rebello conducts public lectures, seminars, health
camps, training on, notably, following subjects.
10,000 lectures given in some 63 countries: From
AIDS Scare to AIDS Care (the title of his forthcoming book).
Stress Management. From Fat to Fit (or How to Reduce
Weight Naturally), Management of Asthma through
Naturopathy, Yoga, Homeopathy. Diabetes Dilemma,
Cancer Conundrum, Hypertension: let it not kill you,
How to gain height, Dr. Leo Rebello’s 10 Health(y)
Commandments, Health of the Elderly. Spiritual Emergency,
 Common Values of Various Religions, World Parliament,
World Peace, Safety, Ecology and Environment.
Dr. Leo Rebello’s ambition is to establish the World’s First
Holistic AIDS and Cancer Hospital. Here the HIV positive,
Cancer, Diabetes, and other so-called incurable cases will be
admitted for Natural Treatment consisting of diet, biochemic
medicine, homeopathy, yoga, acupuncture, oxygen therapy,
Ayurveda, etc  .
The proposed 500 - bed facility will need approx.
100 acres of land preferably by the riverside. It will house a
University, R&D Centre, Herbarium, Recreation and Sports
Centre, All Religion Centre, and will grow food through
Bio-dynamic Farming Methods. The Centre will also have an all
-religion theme park, vegetarian restaurant, homoeopathic and
Ayurvedic medicine laboratories, conference facilities, electro
n-ic and print media production centres, housing blocks for
dedicated staff, students’ hostels, and old age home.
Dr. Leo Rebello guides doctoral and post doctoral students.
He pioneered and started in 1978 a sixty lesson Correspondence
Course in Naturopathy in Bombay and has trained and treated
thousands. Dr. Leo Rebello is also the originator of
Walkathons against Drugs, AIDS; Jogathon for Health, and as Advisor to
Nashabandi Mandal (Prohibition Council), Maharashtra, he has
gone to various Colleges/Schools to create awareness on
Substance Abuse. He also gives Counseling to Drug Addicts and
AIDS patients.
Dr. Leo Rebello has published 35 books, several articles,
poems, reports, etc.
Education and Professional Member
Doctor of Naturopathy [N.D.]
Reg. no. 94 of 1978. Indian Institute
of Drugless Therapy, Bo
Doctor of Philos
ophy [Ph.D.]
Reg. no. 7559 of 1980. The Anglo
American Institute of Dru
less Therapy [Estd. in 1911 in UK].
Doctor of Science (D.Sc) Honoris Causa, 1989.
Doctor of Philosophy (Honoris Causa in Human
ties) 1998
International Academy of Culture and Politic
al Science, Bru
Doctor of Humanitarian Service, World Organisation of Natural
cine, Canada, 2008.
Professional Memberships/Fellowships
Fellow Faculty of Homoeopathy (F.F.Hom), Malaysia.
Fellow of the European Medical Association, UK.
Fellow and
Grand Master of British Guild of Drugless Pract
Fellow of Indian Naturopathic Practitioners Association, Delhi.
Fellow of Medicina Alternativa, Alma Ata.
Time magazine, the Los Angeles Times, Pravda, BBC
TV and Radio, TV Asia, Do
ordarshan, Star TV, NDTV, All India R
dio, the Times of India, Indian Express, Asian Age, the Observer, the
Outlook magazine, the Week etc.
Present Honorary Positions Held/Memberships
World Peace Envoy and Vice President (Central
and South
Asia) of
ational Association of Educ
tors for World Peace, from 2004.
Goodwill Ambassador of St. Stanislas O
der, Poland, from 1997.
Minister, International Parliament for Safety and Peace,
Italy, from 1997.
Vice President, International Organization for An
imal Prote
Germany, since 1995.
Corresponding Member of Institute of International A
fairs, France,
Elected Board Member of the Registry of World Citizens, Paris,
France, 2004.
Karmaveer Puraskar (Noble Laureate)
award for social
justice and action 2007, for lifetime acti
Dag Hammarskjold International Award for Excellence in Altern
tive Medicine, 1988.
Fellow, Academie Diplomatique de la Paix, Brussels, 1990.
Albert Schweitzer Prize for Humanism in Medicine,
Yellow Emperor Prize for Holistic Healing, 1995.
Grand Cross with Collar (GCCStS) of St. Stanislas Order, 1997.
Accademico (the only Asian recognised so far) by The Ac
Constantiniana, 1997.
100 Outstanding Persons of the 20th Century, IBC, Cam
World Record for Pen Power in Limca Book of Records 2001
Listed in the British Alumni Directory, 1998.
World Peace Ambassador Award, 2004 of the International Assn.of
tors for World Peace.
Special Executive Magistrate (same as Jus
tice of Peace) for Greater
Bombay, for 18 years, and also President of SEMs (JPs) Associ
Served on the Indian Films Censor Board for about two years.
Selected titles
Amrit Manthan
(An International Journal of Holistic Health
Sciences), Editor &
Nature Cure & Yoga Therapy, 3rd ed.
Also translated in Turkish.
Panacea for Pain
Poetry book:
Travesty of Life
(50 all time best poems)
recommended three times for the Nobel and two other poetry
books in English and
Shadow Government Experiment
Pen Power: an enc
clopedia of letters to the editor. Limca
of World Records.
AIDS and Alternative Medicine
(4th Revised and Enlarged
Book: Free, Fair and Fearless.
Book: Holistic Healing in Tropical Diseases.


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