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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mr. Joy K. Mathew

Joy K. Mathew (Writer-Director- Actor- Producer- Social Worker)

Mr.Joy Mathew was actively engaged in various socio-cultural and charitable activities during his college days. He has published a number of periodicals. In pursuit for job, he had to leave his country. During his period of sojourn he instituted a charitable society, where Indians had great stake; and was involved in many artistic and literary programmes.

Mr. Joy Mathew pictured here with
Mother Teresa one month before her passing.

    He started a magazine, “Mother” to foster family values and enhance the status of mothers. The magazine got very wide populairity in India as well as overseas. Mr. Joy has organised many socio cultural programmes overseas for the benefit of overseas Indians. After 7 years of sojourn, Joy returned to his place of birth. In India, he started a weekly called “Ayalkoottam” with a motive to redeem the downtrodden and womens’ emancipation.

Words were neither weapons to instigate controversies, nor means to sell his dreams. They were fuel for change. His writings ran parallel to his cultural activities. Mr. Joy created an impact in Visual media as well. He owns a company called “World Mother Vision”, which produces and distributes motivational films (Indian movies) Abhayam, Daanam, Viswaasam, Kaanaakkaazhchakal, Sahanam , Varuthikkaalathhe vasantham, Mortality are just a few of them.    

They underscore the Christian values of love, patience and co-operation.
His documentary “Saviour of Trees” advocates the message of ecology.

    Mr. Joy K. Mathew is being invited to hold training sessions, workshops on film making, arts and culture, media etc… throughout in India and abroad. He has been awarded for his directorial skills,writings, acting and journalism in India and overseas.

You may join and/or contact Mr. Joy Mathew on his Facebook page HERE

Thank you Mr. Joy Mathew for your service to humanity and the world.

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